Web Scripting

In our ever-existing commitment to deliver clients the finest web solution that exceeds their expectations, the team at ITV Software leverages advanced scripting technologies. This consistency has helped us maintain 100 per cent client satisfaction rate, pushing us as one of the leading web development services providers that brands and business owners can trust.

    Ask Any Que?


    Hypertext Markup Language is a core web language that forms the most fundamental part of everything you see around on the internet. HTML5 is the latest major version of HTML that delivers many benefits vs. previous versions, like cleaner code, improved accessibility, cross-browser compatibility, and more.

    CSS 2.0

    Cascading Styling Sheets provides styling to the HTML layout. It adds visual appeal to the webpages. CSS2 vs. the previous one has several pros that allow developers to easily maintain and update the styling; it has more formatting options. Also, it’s relatively lightweight.


    It is a cross-platform JavaScript library that allows for HTML, CSS and DOM manipulation, as well as effects, animations, and JSON parsing. It is fast, scalable, improve applications’ performance, and helps programmers write UI-related function codes in fewer lines.


    Developed by Google, AngularJS is an open-source web framework that is popular for developing single-page applications and software. Some of its important features include two-way data binding, MVC architecture, and built-in dependence injection subsystem.


    Created by the same team that built AngularJS, it is a Typescript-based web application framework. With component-based architecture, it provides a higher quality of code. It is also highly scalable, user-friendly, and efficient that can handle asynchronous data calls.