NoSql Document DB

Sometimes storing data in traditional rows and columns might not be an ideal option. In such a case, the NoSQL document emerges as a go-to. It is a document-oriented database that stores data in JSON format. It paves the way for more agile software development and speedy deployment of changes. It can store structured and unstructured data, as well as handle large volumes of data at a relatively high speed. There are numerous other advantages of the NoSQL document. And that’s what we bring to the table for our clients. As one of the fast-emerging software development companies, we tap on the latest and greatest technologies to suit clients’ unique needs with the finest outcomes.

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    It is a cross-platform document-oriented database program that supports the JSON data model with dynamic schemas. It has some interesting features that make it quite popular among developers, like automatic load balancing configuration and Master-Slave replication.


    It is a fully managed document database by Amazon that was released in 2019. Fast, highly scalable, and reliable, it supports MongoDB workloads. It has a modern and cloud-native architecture, auto-scaling of storage, and improved durability that – along with other major features – make it a powerful database service.


    When it comes to managing large amounts of data across different servers, Apache Cassandra is quite a preferred NoSQL database management system. It has several advantages over other DBMS, like peer-to-peer architecture, fault tolerance, and cluster deployment.