Growth is not a business plan; it’s almost essential! Because if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. It is in this growth does Service Oriented Architecture comes to play a big role. SOA is an architectural style that stacks various services in a network together and enables seamless communication with them. It allows easy addition and implementation of newer features to the existing solution that inevitably helps businesses to grow. Using SOA, one can also upgrade their existing services to map to newer business requirements. There are many other benefits of Service Oriented Architecture that combines to enhance the performance of services. At ITV Software, we tap on this technology to help our clients to scale, sustain, and dominate. Our team of developers and experts have worked with many businesses from across various verticals, delivering them powerful and highly-scalable solutions.

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    .NET Web API

    It is a popular framework that’s primarily used to build HTML-based services. With built-in support for XML, JSON, and BSON format, ASP.NET Web API is an ideal option to build RESTful services. It has various other benefits why it’s preferred by many developers for app development, like lightweight architecture and higher flexibility in web API.


    An architectural style in developing software systems, Microservices have become quite popular over the past few years. It is used in building single-function modules. Each microservice, responsible for single features, interact with various communication protocols. Microservices are simpler to deploy and faster in isolating defects.