Relational DB

In a world where data is everything for businesses, the relevance of a relational database is more than ever. Relational DB leverages a powerful structure that enables easy identification, accessibility, and management of data in relation to other pieces of data within the database. In database design, there are three types of relationships: one-to-many, one-to-one, many-to-many. It has various benefits owing to its distinct features, like making dealing with transactional data for e-commerce platforms so much easier. At ITV Software, as one of the top software development companies, we leverage a popular relational database management systems to deliver clients the best results.

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    Microsoft SQL Server

    It is a very popular relational database management system that allows seamless access of data to other applications. It has numerous add-on services, which add to its functionalities; it includes integration services, reporting services, visual studio, machine learning services, and more.


    MySQL is one of the top languages to add, access, and manage content in a database. It has various benefits, like improved performance, 24/7 uptime, desired scalability, better security, and robust transactional support. It’s an ideal choice for large-volume projects.


    Adding to the power of SQL language, PostgreSQL is one of the most advanced relational database management systems. One of its biggest USPs is extensibility. It is supported by many extensions, as well as SQL data models. Plus, it offers more types of index technique like Generalized Inverted Index that increase its functionality.