Source Control Repository

One of the key ways to accelerate development release velocity is to use a source control repository. It allows even a large team of developers work on the same codebase with better collaborative etiquette that’s without any conflict. At ITV Software, as one of the most trusted software development companies, we deploy better practices and technologies to track and manage changes to code, which enables improved communication between teams, as well as better compliance and auditing.

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    Developed by Microsoft, Visual SourceSafe is a renowned source control system that focuses on relatively small software development projects.


    Team Foundation Server, a centralized version control system by Microsoft, is a powerful solution delivering high DevOps capabilities to developers that covers the entire app lifecycle, right from source code management to reporting, testing, and release management.


    Apache Subversion repository does more than just store files and directories. It offers various other features that make it a favorite for many developers, like merge tracking, interactive conflict resolution, file locking, and more.


    Written in Perl, Python, C, and Tcl, Git is a modern version control system that’s known for its data integrity, speed, and support for non-linear workflows. It provides high performance and a unique branching model, as well as various other benefits that position it above other VCS.


    A Git repository hosting service provider, GitHub homes an abundance of open-source codes and projects. It belts many interesting and powerful features that have inevitably made GitHub an ultimate destination for programmers and designers around the world.